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How to sub Q&A

Hello~ ฅʕ•̫͡•ʔฅ
So I've been realizing lately that I never use my own livejournal. I don't do nail art that much anymore since I began with my study. So I thought maybe I could change my Livejournal to a sub Q&A! And with that I don't mean video requests for subbing, but the sub program itself. As you may know I am jounetsu_8's timer. cometbender and I get a lot of questions about which programs we use, how to change positions and colours of the subs, etc.. And since I have expereince in timing for 4 years, I could help you guys with the most things. I believe that there are people that have much passions for timing as I do, but don't really know how to start ^^

As first, it is good to know which programs I use for timing! (The programs are all free btw)

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Well, I'm going to tell about my trip to OGS. Why am I doing this 4 months after the concert? I had too much feels XD I just saw my bias in real life so I couldn't really talk about it haha.

My bias is Sungyeol and I really like him a lot *___* His personality is great and as bonus he had had braids and he can drum, so I thought I must have braids too XD The day before the concert I got one side of my hair in braids and made so fake earrings in my ear, so that I would look like Sungyeol:

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Nail art update

Kyaa so long time ago 0__o Was too busy but now I'm back and with..... NAIL ART ofcourse ;)

And a lot so I'll make an small index in this post haha

Click on the pic to see the nail art

1. EXO - Wolf

2.CNBLUE - Robot

3. EXO - Wolf performance

4. SHINee - Juliette Japanese version

5. Teen Top - Be Ma Girl

6. B.A.P - Matoki

7. B.A.P - Coffee Shop


Yay new nailart \(^.^)/ But this time only on my nails.

130203 Super Junior-M - Break Down @ Special Stage
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2 weeks ago was the last time, so here new nail art~

First: Super Junior - 2012 Korean Music Festival (cometbender's nails)

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[Nail art] Super Junior - Mr. Simple

Altough I didn't had enough time to do nail art on cometbender's nails, I will post my nails~

Super Junior - Mr. Simple (my nails)

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I made twitter so please follow me if you like @nintendoninohno ;)

For Jounetsu_8 updates follow @Jounetsu-8

Here a Taipi for you <3


Long Meme part 2: Johnny groups

Yeah~! Long Meme part 2! It's about all groups of Johnny's, so enjoy~!

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Long Meme part 1: Personal

Hi guys!

I made a really long meme, because I like to do that ^^ I hope you'll enjoy it~

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I became a SJ fan so I made Super Junior nails this time ^^

Super Junior's Donghae & Eunhyuk - Oppa Oppa (My nails)

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